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The Zorps are five colossal mechanical robotic vehicles that are piloted by the peacekeepers known as the S-Force.


When the S-Force faces a foe that is too large and powerful to defeat themselves, they usually summon and pilot these robots.

The Zorps are shaped (oddly enough) like earth animals, an eagle, a rhino, a gorilla, a kangaroo, and a panther. When the individual Zorps are inadequate for taking down an enemy, they can combine into a more powerful, humanoid robot called the "Super Ultra-Dimensional Magno-Extreme Robotoid Power Zorp." It stands at roughly 40 meters tall, higher than Megas who is 36 meters.

The combined form, the Super Ultra-Dimensional Magno Extreme Robotoid Power Zorp.

Megas easily swatted all of the individual Zorps aside when they fought Coop the first time, but when they united they actually posed a threat. Even combined, Coop defeated the combined robot completely by accident with one attack.

Their ultimate attack is called "Omnicron 13" although its intended purpose and power range is unclear. When Coop forcibly merged the Zorps with Megas in "Bad Guy" Coop attempted to use this weapon, but Argo panicked, saying that by damaging the Zorps Coop had destabilized the weapon and anything could happen. Coop fired the weapon at Ender, who had come to destroy S-Force and Earth, but missed and the result was the creation of a black hole. Thankfully Coop figured out that a second use of the unstable Omnicron 13 could cancel out the first.

S-Force's Zorps would not be seen again until S-Force S.O.S where they would hurriedly combine into the Super Ultra-Dimensional Magno-Extreme Robotoid Power Zorp while Coop attempted to stall Zarek who had previously captured S-Force and conquered their planet of Sarus. Coop's choice was to test out 'Super Destructor Mode' which unleashed a seemingly endless barrage of missiles at Zarek's giant cobra robot and retinue of robots minions. Every missile missed their mark and collided with the mountain that S-Force's Zorps were located. Momentarily, it had looked like Coop had just killed S-Force, but they emerged utterly unscathed, suggesting that improvements had been made since they had fought Coop last time.

S-Force's fighting style with their robot is heavily influenced by Coop, with them preferring hand to hand combat despite Jax and Duchess's pilot chairs are seated in what would be the 'fists' of their combined Zorp.

In an alternate dimension, the Zorps were destroyed by Evil Coop.

Individual Zorps[]