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Impossible! No one can escape the force of the infinity zone!

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Zarek is one of the S-Force's old enemies and according to Coop, is a "point-headed chump". He was voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also played Skalgar and Drallag and the Ceruleans in the series.


Zarrek captures planet Sarus and tried to throw the S-Force into the Infinity Zone. Just in time, Coop came to their rescue and managed to destroy the Infinity Zone. With the help of the S-Force, Coop destroyed Zarek's robotic army and annihilated the Star Serpent (a giant mech snake or cobra) by stabbing its head with its own stinger. After his defeat, Zarek was sent to off to a Sarus prison.


Zarik wears a mask and has purple lipstick with fangs.  He wears a cape.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Intelligence
  • Troops control: Zarek is command his robotic army



  • Zarek is a direct homage to Berg Katse (or "Zoltar", as he is known in the dub), a major enemy of the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, whom the S-Force is partly based on Battel of the planets.
  • Zarek's snake cobra mech is looks like Heavy Cobra from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.