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Wendee Lee (born Wendee Lee Spindler; February 2, 1960) is an American voice actress, writer, and director. Best known for her roles as Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop (Alongside Steve Blum), Lisa Lisa in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Yoruichi Shihouin in Bleach.


  • Kiva Andru
  • Evil Kiva
  • Gothic Girl
  • School Kids #2
  • Alien Girl #2
  • Drive Thru Employee
  • Auto Show Girl
  • Auto Show Model
  • Library Girls
  • Old Lady (In Dude Where's My Head?)
  • DMV Women
  • Jodie the Mega Buster Clerk
  • Showgirl
  • Waitress (Megas XLR)


Lee studied dance and theater and later became a full-time dancer in her teens. According to her interview on the Magic Knight Rayearth DVDs, she started doing voices at school and got in trouble for it. Her first anime voice role was in Harmony Gold production Robotech in the 1980s, where she voiced Vanessa Leeds, one of the operators aboard the SDF-1 Macross. She also worked with Streamline on several anime productions including Dragon Ball. She would continue dance and work part-time as a make-up artist, choreography and dance instruction.