Megas XLR
Season 2, Episode 17
Las Vegas
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Thanksgiving Throwdown

Plot SummaryEdit

Coop, Jamie and Kiva head off to Las Vegas, and

inadvertently discover Area 50. Coop accidentally activates a destructive energy-leech robot R.E.C.R. who, due to severe and fatal programming errors, sees everything as “the enemy.” Coop further screws up by directing the robot to Las Vegas. Now Coop must find a way to shut down the robot permanently before Las Vegas loses all its power. Coop in the end destroying the cities power source causing the robot to deactivate. And he then buried the robot in the Grand Canyon which he had to fill with dirt.


  • Area 50 is a nod to the existing Area 51, only with the number changed to "50".


  • Nuke button
  • "Do Something Stupid Coop" button


  • Tachometer: 0, 40, 80, 120, 300, 500, GOOD CRIPES!


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