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Size compared to Megas

"Send in the U.M.D" - Gorrath

UMD in Lowbrow

The U.M.D a combiner mech is used by Gorrath, in the first episode Test Drive


A very large chunky mech, with a tiny head (in the pilot it was bigger), it has long metal feet, but relatively short legs for it's size . Boxy forearms with three fingers. broad rectangle shoulders, and some boxy spikes at the back.


The first special Glorft mech, the "U.M.D." is made up of six robots entering and assimilating into six much larger robots forming one unit, which in turn leads to at least six of those units joining together to form the limbs and body, with the Warmaster's mecha reconfiguring itself to form the U.M.D.'s head unit.

It was first used against the Earth Coalition Drones in the Glorft's attack on the Lunar Base where Megas is hidden inside, forcing Kiva to order a retreat when her forces didn't stand a chance against it.

Later on, after Coop defeated most of Gorrath's forces, the U.M.D is deployed against him and almost destroyed Megas if it weren't for the lucky drop of a downed MTV satellite on its head.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

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Stage 5


  • It appears to 15 times larger than Megas (36 meters), that would make the U.M.D 525 meters
  • In the pilot the design was slightly different.
  • The combining ability of the mech is a nod to the combiners from transformers.
  • The first special mech of the series.
  • Kiva mentioned that there is no way to beat it, (at least a non Coop way)