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Tiny is a good friend of Coop, who competes with him in car shows. Despite his name, Tiny is taller than Coop. He owns a green muscle car (Chevrolet Impala), which he is specially proud of, especially its paint. He was the voice by Kevin Micheal Richardson who played Glorft Commander, POP T.V. ANNOUNCER , NEWS FLASH ANCHORPERSON, DREADLOCKED SOLDIER , BALD SOLDIER & Georgie in the series.


Tiny is first shown in the episode "The Fat and The Furious" where is shown to enter the competition along with Goat and Coop. Later on, He and the other contestants help coop while facing against the Glorft by distracting them. He shown again in the episode "Dude, Where's My Head?" waving with Goat mistaking The Glorft copy of Megas with Coop's regular Megas. His last appearance in the series was "Terminate Her" attending a Rock Concert with Coop, Jamie, Kiva, and Goat.


Tiny is shown to be Taller than coop and muscular, A large muscular man ,Possibly African American or Hispanic. With a bald head, a mustache, goatee, a black polo shirt, brown pants, and a white T-shirt.

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Tiny seems to be based on a character from "MTV Downtown". To be more specific, the comic book store boss.