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Season 2, Episode 21
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Plot Summary[]

The Glorft come up with a new plan to eliminate Coop, Megas and Kiva: to disguise themselves as humans (motorcycle gang thanks to their latest Holo-Camouflages) and come to a rock concert. On the said concert, they plan to stealthily eliminate Kiva’s distant ancestor: a girl named Ally. This would, in turn, cause Kiva to cease to exist, which in turn would mean Megas would stay with the Glorft and never reach Coop, which would in turn doom Earthers into extinction.

The Glorft successfully locate Ally, but due to their behavior (and malfunction of their Holo-Camouflages) reveal themselves to Kiva and Jamie, who happen to be at the event as well. Kiva and Jamie manage to protect Ally (mostly by running and hiding) long enough, until Coop accidentally sees Glorft and gets to Megas. Saving them all in the last second, Coop battles the Mechs, destroying the stadium in process.

Kiva, who did not spend any time with her family in the future, tries to get to know Ally better, but she decides that future, aliens and Megas is too much for her, and leaves back for Brooklyn. Much to Kiva's disgust, it seems that Jamie has fallen for Kiva’s ancestor and she has fallen for him.


  • The episode's plot (and even name) is a quite transparent reference to Terminator film series.
  • The laser aim of the guns wielded by human-disguised Glorft is similar to that of the Predators from Predator film series.
  • The key issue of the episode is an actual problem in hypothetical time travel, called Grandfather Paradox: disrupting the chain of events removes the need (and/or possibility) for interference with the time in the first place, which makes this interference not happen, thus negating the interference and its consequences, which, in result, makes the time flow essentially impossible to be changed. In the story, even if the Glorft managed to destroy Kiva’s ancestor, the Earth would have a thousand years left to live, since the Glorft would never have followed Megas through time, because there would be no Kiva to send it back, therefore sending the Glorft wherever they were in the first place, which would prevent them from killing Ally, which would negate all the consequences of such.




  • I wonder how this works... Will you just disappear... Or will it be painful? (when about to shoot Ally)