Megas S-ForceTargon


The floating head adviser to S-Force.

Targon mistook Coop's clumsiness and habit for causing massive collateral damage as a sign that he was actively terrorizing the "Backwater Terran System" (Earth). This prompted him to send S-Force to bring Coop, and consequently Kiva and Jamie, to justice.

Ultimately the S-Force was defeated, and saw that Coop was just clumsy and a little dim-dimwitted, but was convinced that he wasn't evil after he defeated their arch-enemy, Ender. However, during their extended stay on Earth (supposedly while their Zorps were being repaired), each member of the S-Force picked up bad habits from Coop, who called it 'training.' When S-Force returned to Sarus, they each expressed some behavior that made Coop a great mech pilot, but was utterly unbecoming of a police force, to which Targon declared that the best police force in the universe was "ruined." Bad Guy

This change of behavior brought a lot of resentment from Targon, as he almost would rather have let Sarus be destroyed then ask Coop for help in S-Force S.O.S. He seemed particularly annoyed with Coop's lack of professionalism and obvious immaturity. He did seem to have some interest in the hula-girl dashboard toy Coop had in MEGAS.

It's unclear if Targon has an actual body, is an AI, or is broadcasting from some other plane of reality.


  • Targon is a reference to Zordon from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • There are elements of Professor X in Targon's baldness and general eyebrow shape; during various incarnations of X-Men shows and comics, Professor X's communiques looked strikingly similar to Targon.
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