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Season 2, Episode 20
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Never go training without an oil change; if the flying dragons don't get you, the skull-faced spaceships will. Season 2, Episode 7.

Plot Summary[]

Kiva gets some unwanted attention from Captain Warlock, a space pirate who goes for redheads, and now must make a choice between a possible time drive or two complete idiots. As usual, one wrong choice means certain death. Now Kiva must find a way to free Coop and Jamie as well as fend of the advances of one lovesick space pirate and his mechanized crew.


  • The four button Gameboy appears as a wager.
  • There's a definite Voltron 'form blazing sword' moment.
  • The pirate captain Warlock and his ship are a parody of Space Pirate Captain Harlock.
  • The plot of the episode loosely parallels that of Rock & Rule, Warlock's and Goat's disturbingly awkward attempts at "romantically" kissing Kiva's hand recall a similar scene in that film.
  • Warlock's ominous proclamation "I always get what I want" is a verbatim quote from a villain in Sailor Moon, Prince Diamond, regarding his desire to make the titular character his Queen.
  • The dragons look very similar to the creatures in Pitch Black.


  • That Cool Giant Energy Sword Thing
  • Exactly the same button Coop just used like five minutes ago


  • Oil gauge: "None / Good Enough / Plenty / More Than Enough / No Really I'm Fine / PLEASE STOP!"