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Sloen is a member of a group of young superheroes from the planet Sarus called the S-Force. He is the voiced by Ronnie Schell.


Sloen and his fellow S-Force teammates protect all beings of the galaxies from evil. Sloen first suspected the human Harold Cooplowski to be a bad guy when Targon mistook Coop's blundering with Megas as actual attacks on Earth.

After Coop defeated S-Force (by accident) then defeated S-Force's Arch Enemy, Ender, Sloen and the rest of the S-Force learned that Coop wasn't evil, just clumsy. The pair quickly became great friends over there shared love of junk foods and later helped each other in battle against Zarrik.

Sloen pilots the Gorilla Zorp, which he has a personal attachment toward. As shown when he started crying when Coop violently attached the Zorps to Megas.



  • Sloen is a parody of Tiny from Battle of the Planets, the first English-language adaptation of Gatchaman.