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Skippy the young cousin of Coop.


Coop was once forced to babysit Skippy while his mother and Coop's went shopping in the city. From what was showed he was nothing but a spoiled brat who was used to walking all over people and getting what. He went as far taking Jamie's seat, interrupting Coop's video games and eating his last slice of pizza. Skippy did these things because he put it he was bored and wanted something to do forcing the others to take him out on Megas XLR. Coop took Skippy into space where even though they were on a giant futuristic robot that offered a thrilling and amazing adventure it was not enough to shift the boy's interest as he remained "bored". They later encountered the Glorft, who were using the Moon to attack Earth which finally cause the boy to get excited even cause him to offer a chance to help. After Coop accidentally ejected Skippy, he ended up finding the device needed to activate the thrusters which would push the Moon to Earth. After Coop managed to unintentionally defeat the Glorft, Skippy begged his mother for a chance to hang out with Coop again.