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Skalgar is an intergalactic robotic criminal who speaks in a Spanish accent. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also

played Zarek and Drallag and the Ceruleans in the series.


Skalgar strives to be the most feared criminal in the universe, but because of his small size he is often made fun of. In spite of this, he is incredibly powerful. When he gets word of a universal controller made by Coop, he goes to claim it for his own thinking it will let him control the universe. He is defeated by Megas when Skalgar's own attack was turned against him. (Season 2, Episode 11: Universal Remote


His design, especially his beard and helmet is based on the Lord of Chaos of the Transformers universe, Unicron, the most powerful being in that universe, a fact which makes his small stature even more of a parody.


Skalgar suffers from profound "short man complex" and is extremely sensitive to mockery and ridicule, to which he reacts violently. He yearns to be feared and taken seriously. This trait ultimately proves to be his undoing.

Powers and Abilities[]

In spite of his diminutive size, Skalgar is a fearsome combatant, capable of defeating multiple larger opponents. In the opening sequence of the episode Skalgar retaliates against a larger robot insulting his height by destroying the provocateur along with the entire building and its inhabitants. Upon encountering Coop and MEGAS, Kiva cautions Coop not to underestimate him; Coop dismisses her warning and swiftly pays the price when Skalgar lays MEGAS low.


―Skalgar being irritated to Jamie's insult.
"Now, to finish you for good..."
―Skalgar's last words.


  • He hates being called "Schoolgirl" by Jamie.
  • his appearance is heavily based on Unicron from the Transformers franchise, particularly his design in Transformers: Armada which was the most recent installment at the time.