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Season 2, Episode 19
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The S-Force is captured by their nemesis Zarek - and the only hope of the universe is (as usual) Megas!

Plot Summary[]

The S-Force has been captured by an evil villain named Zarek, and he is planning to execute them. Fortunately, Jax escapes and with the help of the S-Force’s mentor, Targon manages to enlist Coop’s help. Coop manages to save the S-Force from the “infinity zone”.

During the battle Coop, Jamie, Kiva, the S-Force, and Megas fall into, but survive the Infinity Zone after Coop helps everyone escape, Zarek then sends down an entire army to terminate them. Megas and the Ultra-Dimensional Power Zorp work together to defeat Zarek's army of insect robots.

Zarek then offers Coop, Jamie and Kiva "gift". The “gift” that Zarek offers is an end to their lives, whereas the "gifts" Coop offers him in return are a dozen missiles. Coop fires his missiles at Zarek, but almost they go off course and seemingly destroy the S-Force, thankfully the S-Force and their Zorp survive. Then together, they and Coop defeat Zarek and his last robot. Zarek is captured and taken to be imprisoned.

Targon mentions that the remains of his last robot shall stand as a monument for all time, but Coop accidentally knocks the debris over. Later Coop and the S-Force return to earth for some Karaoke.


  • 'Pop Rocks' are, in this universe, 'Rock Pops'.
  • During the montage at the beginning, Coop hands Jax something like a 4-button Gameboy.
  • The karaoke being sung by Mac during the montage is the opening Megas theme.
  • At the end of the montage, Argo and Mac appear to be playing a Dreamcast or Saturn.
  • The home planet of Voltron and of S-Force look strikingly similar.
  • When Megas lands on the S-Force planet, the sound effect is that of a door closing in the classic Doom games.
  • The 'Infinity Zone' opened by Zarek looks a bit like the Phantom Zone from Superman II.
  • Zarek's mecha forces bear a striking resemblance to the Zak model mobile suits from some of the Gundam incarnations.
  • The 'Tank Girl headbutt' method of firing makes another appearance.
  • When Megas takes a hit from the flying serpent, you can hear a classic car having engine troubles among the usual error sounds.
  • Compare Megas running along the serpent to the credits of Dragonball Z.
  • Coop accidentaly calls Zerrik "Zanzoar". Zanzoar was one of the Halcyon Knights that Coop fought in the first season.


  • You heard the man, kids. Super Destructor Mode.


  • blue PS2 style
  • 8-ball stickshift