Megas S-Force

The S-Force are a team of galactic heroes from the planet Sarus.


The S-Force is unfalteringly good almost to the point of naivety. They first suspected Coop to of being a villain, most likely due to Coop's constant habit of accidental mass destruction. They later learned that he was not a bad guy, just slightly clumsy. Despite their previous misunderstanding, they became great allies and later helped each other defeat a number of other giant enemy robots. The group pilots robots called Zorps (Red Hawk, Silver Rhinoceros, Green Ape, Purple Kangaroo and Pink Panther), which resemble animals. The pilots are Argo, Mac, Jax, Sloen, and Duchess. They are advised by Targon. Due to their interaction with Coop, the S-Force have picked up some of his habits, becoming fast-food loving, less serious, video game junkies, though they appear to still take their duty to protect others seriously.


  • Argo - Eagle Zorp (torso) - Red
  • Mac - Rhino Zorp (left leg) - Gray
  • Duchess - Panther Zorp (right arm) - Pink
  • Sloen - Gorilla Zorp (right leg) - Green
  • Jax - Kangaroo Zorp (left arm) - Purple
  • Targon - Floating head adviser to S-Force



  • The S-Force capes are particularly reminiscent of Gatchaman.
  • The S-Force's theme music is very similar to the theme to Battle of the Planets, the Sandy Frank-created series that was the first English adaptation of Gatchaman.
  • The S-Force's name is a reference to G-Force, the name the Gatchaman team had in Battle of the Planets.
  • One of the S-Force's attacks consists of forming into a cheerleading-style pyramid and quickly whirling around, which was the Gatchaman team's signature move.
  • The S-Force giant robots - 'Zorps' - a parody of Power Ranger 'Zords'. The combined form being reminiscent of Voltron.
  • While perhaps unintentional, the head of the Power Zorp robot looks surprisingly like Starscream from the 1980s Transformers cartoon.
  • Argo who serves as the Red Ranger of the team has a hawk motif similar to Ryuu Tendo/Red Hawk who serves as the red ranger from the 1991 Super Sentai Series Choujin Sentai Jetman (which was also a homage to Gatchaman).
  • Argo's voice actor, Scott Innes, voiced Shaggy and Scooby-Doo for many years. Shaggy's original voice actor, Casey Kasem, voiced Ken The Eagle, renamed Marc, in the Battle of the Planets dub of Gatchaman, which likely served as inspiration for Argo's voice.
  • Targon very much resembles Zordon, mentor of 1993-1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


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