Ring world

The Ring World Coop crash lands onto.

A Ringworld is a large metallic ring built to store vast amounts of information.


One very old Ringworld was discovered by Harold Cooplowski , Kiva Andru and Jamie after a training accident with Megas in space. Coop is forced to crash land Megas onto the Ringworld. As they explore the archive, the group is attacked by a giant, metallic insect. After defeating it, the Ringworld is activated and Kiva discovers that the Ringworld is actually some kind of intergalactic library that contains information on every species in the universe, including the Glorft.

Coop attempts to fight the insects without damaging the Ringworld. During the fighting, Coop accidentally deactivates the Ringworld's power source and the insects attack them. Megas is outmatched, but Coop uses a new ability, the Phoenix Explosion. This completely destroys the insects across the planet. Unfortunately, Coop accidentally knocks down one of the Ringworld's towers, setting off a chain reaction that destroys the other towers, causing the Ringworld to explode.


  • The design of the Ringworld has a notable resemblance with the Halo structure from Halo franchise.
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