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Everything is the Enemy!



R.E.C.R., Short for Reverse-Engineered Collective Robot, is a giant war machine created by scientists of the US Military at Area 50 base, using reverse engineered alien technology.

He was voiced by Phil LaMarr ,who also played T-Bot. in the series


Its prime programming was to defeat "the enemy", but due to a programming flaw, it considered everything to be that enemy. Hence, the US military deactivated R.E.C.R. and sealed it away within Area 50 that is later abandoned.

It was awakened by Coop and fed off of Megas' electrical energy to become stronger. After trapping Megas in Area 50, R.E.C.R went in search of power for its need to consume vast amounts of energy to operate properly. After R.E.C.R attacked Las Vegas, Coop defeated it and later buried the robot in the Grand Canyon to prevent it from draining any more power.

In an alternate dimension, R.E.C.R. was killed by Evil Coop.


A large silver/green robot with a long neck, evil looking eyes

Powers and Abilities[]

Created from reverse engineered alien technology, the R.E.C.R. is one of the toughest opponents Megas has faced and it has the ability to separate itself: the arms become the jet fighters, the legs become the tanks and the torso is the flying saucer.

  • Energy Absorption: Can absorb electricity power to replenish itself.
  • Laser Beam: Can fire red laser blast from its optic eye.
  • Detacheable Parts: Can detach legs and arms to be used as separate units.
  • Combination: It can combine the separate parts together back.