The Planet-Eating Monster is a planet-sized space monster that feeds on radio and television waves.


Coop accidentally transmitted a powerful, high-frequency radio wave into space which caught the monster's attention when he tried to juice his satellite dish to boost his television reception. After Jamie suggested that the satellite was down, the trio found the monster in space eating TV satellites. Coop tried to fight it, but MEGAS wound up being absorbed into the monster. Coop found his television satellite while avoiding acid boogers inside the monster and Megas managed to escape from its mouth. Kiva suggested that they launch Megas's EMP torpedo (which Coop tweaked into a refrigerator) to stop it. The torpedo held Rock Pops and soda inside it. Amazingly, the combination made the monster overload and explode, the pieces raining all over the Earth. This also inadvertently stopped Warmaster Gorrath's latest plan to destroy the Earth.

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