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Megas is the show's main mecha, that the series itself is named after (or is it the other way around?).


Megas is the titular mecha of Megas XLR. An incredibly powerful prototype battle robot, initially created by the Glorft as a final blow to humanity, the MEGAS XLR (Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System, eXtra Large Robot) is customized and piloted by Coop, an overweight gamer and mechanic. Coop, along with Kiva and Jamie, use Megas to defend Earth from the Glorft and many other dangers they come across, albeit with over-the-top destructive results.== Megas is also known as: ==



Schematics of Megas as the Glorft Avatar prototype.

Codenamed "Avatar", Megas was originally a prototype assault mech built by the Glorft as the coup de grace to the human race[1]. However, the Earth Coalition captured it and Kiva spent two years modifying it into a human-use mech as the last hope for the Coalition and mankind against the Glorft. Kiva installed a time drive unit, hoping to send Megas back to the year 3035 during the Battle of the Last Stand, humanity's last failed major offensive against the Glorft, and change the outcome of the war forever.[2]

Travel to the Past[]

MEGAS, after being modified by the Earth Coalition.

As the Glorft siege of the Earth Coalition lunar base broke through the base's cloaking shields and defences, Kiva prepared to send Megas back in time back to the Battle of the Last Stand despite the doubts of her Captain. However, as Megas creates the temporal warp to travel through, the Glorft mech corps breached the lunar base and destroyed the defenders. En route to the temporal warp, Kiva began to transfer herself into Megas's cockpit through a tunnel connection with her personal mech. Under direct orders from Warmaster Gorrath, Glorft ships attempted to cut off Kiva and Megas by focusing their firepower onto them. Even with drone robots protecting them with energy shields, Megas's head was blown off by heavy Glorft fire and Kiva was forced back into her mech as the cockpit connection was severed. Megas was then thrown into the time warp and landed on the junkyards of New Jersey in the 1930s, where it lay malfunctioned and remained deactivated throughout the years until in 2004, Coop found, repaired and customized it, becoming the XLR (eXtra Large Robot) of today, with Coop's car serving as the replacement head unit.[3]

Test Drive Battle[]

MEGAS, after being repaired and customized into XLR by Coop.

Megas being showcased to Jaime

While testing Megas out, Coop and his best friend Jamie are attacked by Kiva and her drone mech escort, who had jumped through time to find Megas. Kiva falls into a state of exasperation when she was unable to convince Coop to give Megas back to her, and this turned into despair upon realising she can't pilot Megas anymore; Coop had replaced all the failing parts with ones of his own design. Moreover, he also destroyed the time module (not realising what it was) and the neural interface (replacing it with controls of his car and reserve controls of multiple gamepads). Since the only one who could pilot it now was Coop, she then decides that training him is the only choice she has left.

Coop, Jamie, and Kiva are then attacked by an entire army of Glorft mechs led by Gorrath, who seeks to recover Megas. With Coop's piloting skills, Megas defeats the Glorft, forcing Gorrath to retreat. However, the Glorft Commander informs Gorrath that they could not return to their time unless they recovered Megas and its time drive unit, not knowing the latter does not exist anymore.[4]

Now Kiva has to fix the time flux unit and train Coop in Megas to be ready to beat the Glorft once and for all, if Coop doesn't screw it up first.

Destruction and Revival[]

When Coop accidentally warped himself and Gorrath into an alternate reality, Megas was captured by the Jamie of that dimension. It was taken back by Coop, but suffered severe damage from Evil Coop's attack.

When they go to Evil Coop's Fortress to battle, it then gets destroyed when Evil Coop stabs Megas with an energy sword.

However, Coop finds out about Evil Coop's past through Alternate Jamie and finds a better, upgraded version of Megas which was abandoned by his counterpart in favour of his current war-built mech and takes it as his own. He then devise a plan alongside Gorrath and Alternate Jamie to trap Evil Coop and Evil Kiva between dimensions.


Megas is a tall, relatively simple but studly designed war mecha, the majority of it's design is familiar to other Glorft's war mechs (due to being a Glorft prototype) but it contains elements similar to Earth Coalition's war mechs (due to reverse-engineering, and refitting), also there are some parts added by Coop as well as remove some. The Prototype version was certainly painted like other Glorft mechs: military green, metallic grey, brown and yellow stripes, it also obvious that the Prototype Megas had many more Glorft mech features like a neck comming out of the upper chest, streight back fins, blockier biceps and quads, the right arm was a gatling gun, the other had three fingers like the Glorft themselves. The Earth Coalition redesign removed many Glorft features.


Being the ultimate homage to everything Super Robot, Megas is an extremely powerful battle mecha, possibly the most powerful one ever built. Measuring between 24 to 36 meters tall (see Trivia), it was built with impressive functions which are constantly being modified by Coop and Kiva (but mostly Coop). It is practically capable of anything, as listed below:

  • Weapons: Megas is equipped with many weapons, with the basic being gatling guns, laser guns, missiles, and rocket launchers installed all over its body. It also has buzzsaws, flamethrowers, and various destructive weapons inside it. Some of the weapons used in the series are:
    • Pixelizer Gun: Reduces its target into pixellated oblivion. This is the first weapon ever used in Test Drive.[5]
    • The Jammer: A stage with giant sonic speakers protrude from the robot's torso. When Coop uses his horribly off-key singing, the speakers emit sonic waves powerful enough to destroy Magnanimous's space station, but caused the audience intense discomfort beyond sheer volume. This is basically an over-sized karaoke machine. Used in Battle Royale.
    • That Cool Giant Energy Sword Thing: Megas can materialise a fiery orange sword (in the style of Voltron) to use for slashing opponents. Can also be initiated via combo in gaming controls.
    • Phoenix Fire: Megas has the ability to incinerate its enemies all at once with a giant flare that takes the form of a phoenix around it. Used in Buggin' the System.
    • EMP Torpedo: Used for emitting an electromagnetic pulse, until Coop tweaked it into a refrigerator. Shown in TV Dinner.
    • Flame Hands: Megas can coat flames around its hands to amplify its punches. Used in Coop D'Etat.
    • Arm Flamethrowers: By setting the Heater setting from Cool to Warm to Hot to Dang, Megas holds out its arms with its hands forming the "Rock On" symbol, before retracting and firing off a huge torrent of flames. Used in Breakout & Universal Remote. Megas also has a smaller version shown in Thanksgiving Throwdown.
    • Rocket Punch: It just wouldn't be right if the ubiquitous signature move of Super Robots wasn't part of the arsenal! Megas can launch off its fists (from the wrists in the style of Steel Jeeg, rather than the forearms like Mazinger or GaoGaiGar) as projectiles that seek out targets and either return back to Mega's wrists or regrow out of its forearms depending on the episode. Also Megas can do with both hands and he can also add axe blades onto these.
    • DMV Rampage Mode: Megas can open all his parts in order to get revenge on the DMV, which houses various laser repeaters specially designed for the DMV.
    • Electric Cannon: Megas can only fire an a electromagnetic proud cannon to fire out of electric cannon. It Used in Viva Las Megas
    • Laser explosion: Megas can put both hands together to create a laser beam (as in Dragon Ball) or a energy projection .
    • Nuke Button: There is a big red button that launches a nuclear warhead. This is supposedly by far the most powerful and dangerous weapon in Megas's arsenal. Ironically, it is never used in the series (or Coop wasn't allowed to use it by Kiva, as shown in Viva Las Megas). The idea of the devastating effect of this weapon is implied when Jamie covers his head with his arms and trembles in fear in the same episode.
    • Super-Destructor Mode: Megas' body covers itself with mighty rocket launchers and its arms and chest protrude giant guns. However, it has a faulty targeting system. Used in S-Force SOS.
    • Freeze Gun: This protrudes from Megas' chest and it can encase its target in solid ice.
    • Master Blaster: Megas deploys giant laser guns on its arms, legs, and from its back. Used in Universal Remote
    • Light Gun Blaster: By taking the light gun out of its holster, Megas retracts its right hand, forming a blaster that follows everywhere Coop points the gun at. The attacks are powerful enough to take out a Gloft Mech with a single shot, but Coop must point and shoot away from the screen in order to "reload". First shown in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Coop.
    • Wave Motion Gun: Somehow the bow of the Space Battleship Yamato is hidden within Megas' chest and can fire a very destructive beam. First seen in Test Drive
    • Beam Laser: Megas can fire a bright beam laser from its headlights. Its intensity can be further amplified by switching to the "Hi Beam" mode.
    • Iron Maiden (temporaly): A very powerfull chain sword
  • Video Game and Pilot Movement Coordination: Since Megas' control cabin was blown up before being sent backwards through time, Coop modified its functions and routines and linked them to video game controllers and his car's dashboard. These include controllers from Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega, and even Atari joysticks. Combined with his gaming expertise, Coop has total control over a large span of techniques and weaponry in a way that's quickly accessible. Also, despite the car not being fit for it, Megas also has motion controls which probably came from its original head, since motion control technology was still in their primitive stages in 2004. The motion controllers often spurge when Coop himself exhibits a "Rock On" symbol or misc.
  • Head Unit: Coop has extensively configured his car to serve as Megas's replacement head unit, being able to swivel the car around and tilt it up or down to mimic the movement of a head at times. The car is fully capable of leaving its post and being driven around normally if needed, as well as return and park back. The Driver's Seat has also shown the capability of Megas to track down and retrieve the car on its own when programmed to do so. It should be noted that the roll-up windows and convertible roof of Coop's car are somehow able to resist the vacuum of space.

Giant Robot Physiology: Megas is a Piloted combat robot car it's customized and piloted by Coop, an overweight gamer. Coop, along with Kiva and Jamie, use Megas to defend Earth from the Glorft and other dangers.

  • Strength, Agility, and Durability: Megas is incredibly strong, able to lift 500 tons and above with no effort. It can knock over skyscrapers, slam its hands together to create a tremendously powerful sonic vibration, create violent tremors that thwart opponents by hitting the ground with its hands or feet, and can fight and overpower numerous opponents at the same time. It has taken hits from the various opponents it has fought over the years, but rarely shows outward signs of damage, even withstanding slamming into a planet from outer space. Also for a robot of its size, Megas is incredibly agile, capable of performing rapid attacks and numerous acrobatic manoeuvres to fight multiple opponents simultaneously in fast succession, and also dodging missiles and gunshots at close range.
  • Flight: It has jet boosters made for powerful flight in atmosphere and space. It can also travel across intergalactic distances to other planets.
  • Swordsmanship: Megas use an energy sword to fight Captain Jean-Michael Warlock's Goons In Space Booty.
  • Stealth: Megas can only makes changing the color it's skin with a Garden State Slam".
  • Nitrous/Speed: This allows Megas to run at hyper speed, allowing him to destroy many foes at once. Used in The Fat and the Furious
  • Shockwave: Megas can use a power glowing fist on a ground.
  • Sonic Vibration: Megas slam his hands together to create a tremendously powerful sonic vibration.
  • Energy Shield: Megas can put up a shield on its arm to defend itself from attacks.
  • Maser Refractor: Hits a foe with a volatile charge of maser protons and forms an impenetrable shield around its target which can absorb energy blasts and send them back at the attacker. It was accidentally modified by Coop. Shown in Universal Remote.
  • Manual Control: Megas' movements can be controlled and mimicked using a Dance Dance Revolution type platform and a pair of reflex gloves. The drawbacks to this modification was that Coop can't access other weapon systems while in use and is limited to hand-to-hand combat, plus the fact that Coop is out-of-shape and has low stamina. First shown in The Fat and the Furious[6].
  • Time & Dimension Drive: Megas had a time drive that creates large portals for temporal travel. Since Coop destroyed its control unit with a crow bar as he thought the drive was useless, Kiva has been trying to fix it throughout the whole series. It is unknown how Kiva knew of its location in the dashboard or how it even ended up in Coop's car, since the original head was blown off in the first place.Coop accidentally warps himself and Gorrath into an alternate dimension.
  • Sensor Systems: It has very advanced sensors that are usually operated by Kiva in the back seat. It can detect people, objects, and energy signatures of interest from across space. It has navigation sensors and biological scanners. For Coop, he can also activate these various scanners and sensors, though he usually uses them to find the nearest Mega Slush dispenser.
  • Argon-trinsic shielding: This is mentioned in Test Drive[7], though it seems to have been dropped entirely by the rest of the series.
  • Vortex Ray: Megas can fire a beam which can create a vortex.
  • Teleportation Ray: Megas can fire a teleportation ray which he used to take a robots Skalgar  inside out.
  • Slicing Laser Disc: Megas can shoot laser dics from his hands.
  • 8-ball Hadouken:  Megas can fire 8 ball attack with his both hands.
  • Hookshot: Megas can shoot grappling hook from his hands to restrain enemies.
  • Buzzsaw and Chainsaw Attachment:  Megas have both buzzsaw and chainsaw attachment installed which he can use from his hands.
  • After the original Megas was destroyed by Evil Coop in the alternate dimension, Coop finds an abandoned alternate Megas which was further upgraded by Evil Coop (or at least before his transformation). Coop tests the upgrades in the series finale offscreen.

Megas specs[]

Black Box Internal Security Grid: Mentioned in DMV : Department of Megas Violations, which Coop accidentally destroys thinking it was not important. Its implied purpose was to prevent any unwanted persons from hijacking Megas.

Duatronium Isolinear Actuator: It acts like the Matrix from Transformers, it may have the role of keeping vast ammounts of knowlegde and data that helps megas computer unit

CPU Core: The most desired part of Megas, it's the one that makes Megas unique compared to other mechs

Notes and Trivia[]

  • There are two speculations regarding Megas's size. In the episode DMV : Department of Megas Violations, Kiva makes a passing statement that Megas is 80 feet (24 meters) tall[8]. However, the producers (as well as fans) have stated that they worked out Megas's height one day by measuring the size of the car, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, against the rest of the mecha in various stills and screenshots. The common result came out to be roughly 35-36 meters (117-120 feet) tall.
  • Megas appears in the 2009 MMO game FusionFall, alongside many other Cartoon Network characters. It is encountered in both the future and present time, submerged in a fusion matter prison rendering it inoperable. Its Nano powers allows the player a choice between the moves "Eightball Fireball", "Stealth Mode" (implying Megas has such a function), or "Garden State Slam".
    • In the future setting, the character Samurai Jack acknowledges Megas's power, referring to it as a great fallen warrior.



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