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Gorrath: (whilst piloting Mecha-Megas) Tremble before me! Pitiful earth filth!


The Mecha-Megas or Fake Megas is a modified Robot Clone of Megas created by the Glorft and piloted by Warmaster Gorrath.


Gorrath unleashed Mecha-Megas on Jersey City in an attempt to draw out Coop. Coop tried to fight, but Megas was disadvantaged due to missing its car head, which had been borrowed earlier by Jamie to impress the girl, Gina.

Gorrath subdued Megas and tried to take it back to the Glorft Mothership, but Jamie decided to drive the car attachment toward Megas in an effort to help. The pair, and the car end up getting caught in Mecha-Megas's hand. Jamie accidentally activated Megas' atomic disruption cannon, freeing the car and reattaching it to Megas' head. Coop then reclaimed control of Megas and defeated Mecha-Megas. Gorrath then ejected from his mech and retreated back to the Mothership.

The remains of Mecha-Megas are presumably destroyed.


the Robot Clone of Megas is complete with a set of Glorft-stylized "mud-flaps" on the legs.

Powers & Abilities[]

Extremely formidable battle robot with Flight, Brute strength and weaponry (such as Atomic disruption canon, Freeze Gun & Fire breath from it's head).


it was build and created by the Gloft Scientists


  • A parody/spoof of MechaGodzilla from Godzilla series.
  • Mecha-Megas's evil clone of Megas is like Nemesis Prime The evil clone of Optimus Prime on all Transformers series
  • Scourge from Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001 cartoon), and is even called Scourge in the Japanese dub of Armada.
  • Nova Prime, a recurring villain of IDW Publishing's original Transformers run, would use the name Nemesis Prime while under the influence of the Dead Universe.