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Megas XLR
Season 1, Episode 10
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Plot Summary[]

While "training" with Jamie and Goat, Coop pushes Megas past its limits and damages the Photonic Stablizer. Upon hearing this, Kiva gets upset and explains that without it, Megas would be unstable and explode destroying everything within a 100 mile radius. Unfortunately, it can't simply be repaired, but must actually be replaced. Problem is, you can't replace a part from the future! However, Jamie remembers that he and Coop had recently found a junk yard planet. With some thought Kiva realizes that they may be able to find some stabilizers that they can modify to work for Megas. The gang uses Megas to reach the planet.

They land and look around and suddenly they are attacked by a giant worm monster. Unfortunately, fighting back would cause the photonic stabilizer to overheat. Luckily, the worm's name is Fred and he belongs to the junk yard's owner, a creepy alien named Varsin who explains that he probably has what they need, but he wouldn't know where it is on the planet. They go off to search for the part, but are interrupted by Varsin attacking them, because he has discovered that Megas has a time drive. He wants to use it too the universe and then go back in time and do it over again and collect multiples of everything. They explain it is broken, but Varsin insists that he can fix anything. He then has multiple construction vehicles attack Megas. The situation culminates in a fight against Varsin's own giant robot.

Without being able to fight, Coop and Megas lose. Just when Varsin is about to cut Megas open, Goat shows up to save the day in his own poorly built robot, that immediately falls apart. The distraction is enough to give Coop a chance to escape though and he manages to punch a hole in Varsin's robot and steal his stabilizer. Coop tries to put the stabilizer in Megas, but breaks it. Jamie yells "Duck!" but Coop reacts to late and gets punched. Just as the stabilizer is about to overheat, Coop fixes it and then finishes off Varsin. Varsin's robot is now without a stabilizer blows up, destroying the entire planet. Coop and the gang escape and Coop explains that he fixed the stabilizer with Duck (Duct) Tape.



  • "This Better Then"