Megas S-ForceJax

Jax is a member of S-Force.


Jax communicates in a language which is apparently only understood by other S-Force members - despite the fact that all of them speak English perfectly.

Of all the members of S-Force, Jax is the shortest and physically the weakest. Coop was completely un-phased when Jax repeatedly punched him in the gut.

Jax pilots the purple Kangaroo Zorp.


Jax is very naive and unflatteringy good. Following an encounter with Coop, Jax began loving video games and fast food. He able to speak some English but with only one word.

Jax is also somewhat rude, judging by the other S-Force members responses to some of his sentences.


  • Jax's communication method echoes that of the Copper Kid from Silverhawks, who only communicated through whistles (and who also was apparently understood by everyone who could speak English except for the audience).
  • It's actually based on Keyop, a variation of Jinpei from Battle of the Planets (the first English adaption of Gatchaman), who communicates with chirps and sounds sluttered with English words. In fact, Jax is voiced by Alan Young, who parodied his original role as Keyop when voicing Jax.
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