Homeworld Earth
Affiliation Various
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark brown
Voice actor Steve Blum
Status Alive

Jamie is a laid back, snobby individual, who "helps" Coop and Kiva in their struggle against the Glorft.


Jamie usually is seen on Coop's couch, reading a magazine, where his imagination takes him into a different place, where he is in power, and Coop and Kiva are under his control. In combat, Jamie usually hides under the seats in the car, while Megas fights, and gives extremely cowardly advice and screams. Jamie usually tries to pass himself off as a, "ladies man" and usually ditches Coop and Kiva to flirt with women, aliens or not. The end result usually ends with physical pain for Jamie. He does possess a talent for noticing the obvious and awareness of common sense which other characters lack however


Harold Cooplowski - Coop and Jamie go back to when they were in elementary school. The two usually were at Coop's house playing video games, or just Coop playing the games while Jamie watched. The two are the best of friends, and show great concern when one is in danger, but Coop usually is the one to do something about the situation.

Kiva Andru - He and Kiva almost never get along, usually with Kiva remarking on how immature he acts, and Jamie usually tries to make her look like a fool in numerous ways, including giving her brain freeze via slushies, or making her dress up in inappropriate clothing.

Duchess - Jamie has expressed great interest in Duchess everytime to pair meet. Like many girls before her, Duchess has refused his affections at every turn.

Goat - Jamie and Goat don't talk much but when they do it's usually about women or they are mocking each other.

Skippy - Jamie and Skippy do not get along. Skippy is generally rude to Jamie everytime they meet, usually resulting in Jamie thinking of mean ways to get rid of him.

In other LanguagesEdit

Danish and Swedish: Johnny