Megas XLR Wiki

It's a little old, but someone like you "Coop", should have no problem piloting it - Nova


As Nova said this mech is an old one, presumably used by the Ultra Cadets and the people of their planet to defend themselves from various monsters. After Jaime convinced them that he is the legendary ace mech pilot "Coop" and told them "his robot" is still in the repairs bay, the Cadets took him to their planet and gave him this mecha to save their world, without knowing he has no clue how to drive a mech.

Jaime used this mecha later to venture into the planet jungle in order to save the Cadets and their people. After avoinding to be killed by the moster Jaime piloting this mech actually managed to "defeat" the Kurdock by throwing it in the Vulcano. Later he retuned to the Cadets's city dome to be cheered has their hero. The Cadets inside the cockpit then admired fed Jaime grapes. Until the real Coop who came to save Jaime, while Coop was fighting the cadets aime was having a hard time getting up. After a while he managed to get up only to get hit be Coop and flew towards the same Vulcano the Kurdock was thrown in. Jaime put his ego aside in order to save Coop, despite that Coop later pounded Jaime while still in his mech, but after a while he let him leave.

It is unkown that happened with the mech afterwards, even in the show' mirror mirror Universe, Alternate Jaime Mech was repainted Glorft one.


The overall design is very robust and sturdy, is comprised of various parts of different shapes, the mech has three main colors colar pink, light powder pink, royal purple and a few blue details. The head is bullet shaped e it is heavily armor plated, it has a heart shaped visor, a small mount, with an armor plated chin. The Chest Plate is made up of 4 parallarelograms united in a sort of X shape, with a heart symbol in the middle the stomach has a armor plate shaped like a shield, and armored trunk. Trapezoid flat shaped shoulders, double quadrant biceps, semicircle elbows, cylinder forearms and armored knuckles. The legs are sturdly (and human looking) , hexagon shaped knees and calves and the boots a rectangle shaped with tracks on the soles.