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The Halcyon Knights are a race of robot warriors of the empire of the Halcyon worlds.


When Coop accidentally destroyed the Flame of Azeroth, their sacred treasure, the emperor issued a challenge to the robots who were competing to claim his throne: bring him the robot who destroyed the flame to face judgment. They chased after the group (many willing to kill each other or work together for the prize) and Zanzor brought Megas back first and was named emperor. He tried to execute Megas for destroying the flame, but luckily, Coop broke free and destroyed Zanzor. The rest of the robots fought him and suddenly, Coop activated Megas' flame hands. This function led the knights to believe that he was part of a fabled legend and Megas was named emperor of the Halcyon worlds. Coop re-ignited the sacred Flame in gratitude, but it started burning everything in its path. When Guyven saw that humanoids were inside Megas (Coop, Kiva and Jamie), they tried to destroy Megas. Coop decided to escape and fled Halcyon before it blew up. It's unknown whether they survived or died from the explosion.



  • The robots Zanzor and Guyven were voiced by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker, who voiced Optimus Prime and Megatron in the original "The Transformers" animated series.
  • Zanzor has a design similar to "Mazinger Z", one of the first giant robot series of the "Mechs" genre (1972). It's supposedly a tribute from Megas XLR creators.