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Gynok is a Space Creature who came from Saturn's Rings. He is voiced by Daran Norris.


Thanksgiving Throwdown[]

When coop was fantasized about thanksgiving Jamie alerted Coop that he is about to hit Saturn's Rings destroying several of it's rocks one landed to the moon and two landed on the lake on Earth. One was a normal until the other sprouts from the water. he then seeks for Heat after being on Cold Space for Years and Conquer until Megas Steps on the creature which made him angry and took the form of Auggie the Adorable Aardvark. Once Parade begun he transformed Auggie to a Monstrous version it and starts attacking coop he was Froze with Megas Freeze Ray but when back to the sewers. Gynok returns but turned into several forms of the Mascots in the parade. After taking down Megas he now forms to bigger form of him. Coop then give him a Lot of heat which cause the creature grow larger by giving him too much Heat causes him to Explode to Black Goo around the city saving Thanksgiving Day.




Powers and Abilities[]

Space Creature Physiology:

Balloon Possession:

  • Multi Possession:
  • Balloon Restoration:

in a Cartoon Parade Balloon Mascot:



  • Gynok is based on The Blob.