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Cryock Guardian


  • "Invader, prepare to be destoryed!"
  • ''This World is under my protection, invader'
  • "So fall all Cerulean scum that would take this world, with their faut touch"
  • You? Teach me a lesson? Ha Ha Ha Ha!


He was once a leader of a Cerulean invader force sent to the Cryoks's planet in order to sustract the ice needed for the Cerulean race, in order to cool their inner systems. But he decided to switch sides and protect the Cryoks because noine else could or wanted (much to Drallag despise).He did this, because he was more ideallistic than the other Ceruleans and understood their actions were wrong, Presumably he had been protecting the Cryoks for a while, and very well so.

The Guardian taunghting Coop that he can't defeat him

All this until one day, while training Coop lost control of Megas thrusters and crash landed on the Cryoks planet. Being spotted by Jaime, the Guardian then misstook Megas, thinking he was an invader that came for the Cryoks's ice, and warned him that he will be destoryed, Coop tried to explain to him what happened but the Guardian retalieted by punching Megas and messing Coop chrome which got Coop angrily and warned him. The Guardian then mocked Coop and laughed off Coop's warning, then blocked a direct punch from Megas, then raised his gun to shoot Megas several times in the chest. After that the lowered his shoulder-mounted grenade launcher to put a shell into it, then fired but Coop doged the shot and hit a mountain instead. After had he received a punch to the chest from Megas, followed by an uppercut, launching him quite a distance, Megas rushed then towards him, the Guardian then released his weapon to shoot lasers at Megas (which Megas doged all of them). Then Megas tried to jump on top of him, but he kicked Megas in the chest, away from him then rushed to shoot back at Megas with both guns, Megas doged the shoots and grabbed him by the left cannon and ripped his entire arm off. The electicity caused by this set off all of his bombs which caused an explosion that killed him, later the Cryoks tired to attack Megas for this, Coop regreted killing him later.

His death was noticed by Drallag who ordered his forces to extract the ice from the Cryoks' homeworld.

Weapons and Abilities[]

  • Plasma cannon (left arm)
  • Tank Cannon (right shoulders)
  • Tank Shells (among the body)
  • Super strength
  • Vehicle mode/Transformation (unused)


A green military robot with a blue visor and overall boxy design, that presumably transforms into a tank (he was tank tracks on foreams and calves, and a turret on the back), He has a Plasma Cannon on the left arm, and a Tank Cannon on right shoulder (and shells over his body for this)


  • He was voiced by Dorian Werewood.
  • His design is based on the autobots Trailbreaker, Warpath and Hound from Transformers G1.
  • He is the only guy Coop has ever killed (on screen).