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Now you'll see why they call me Grrkek the Planet Killer. (pause) Actually, you'll be too dead to see anything. But you get the idea.

-Grrkek is having idea coop.

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Grrkek is a giant alien lizard monster capable of mass destruction. He has killed millions and destroyed entire planets, and he cares for nothing but destruction and misery.

He is voiced by Beau Billingslea.



Grrkek was sealed away long ago for his crimes against the galaxy. Because no physical prison hold contain him, he was digitized and rendered immaterial, his digital essence stored inside a device resembling an old video game cartridge along with many other monsters. Grrkek was released by Coop when he was testing a new game, not knowing it was a containment cartridge. Coop fought Grrkek and then blasted him with an energy weapon which temporarily immobilized him, but this only caused a cocoon to form around the creature. Thinking Grrkek was defeated, Coop turned his attention to the other released monsters, which he finally subdued, only to find Grrkek emerge from the cocoon transformed into an even bigger and stronger form that easily shrugged off Megas' direct attacks.

Grrkek was finally defeated when he got caught in a tidal wave which Coop had caused; the cold ocean water sapped his strength and he lost his size and mass. He is now trapped in a "Love Those Lurps" game console cartridge, which greatly annoys him to no end.


Grrkek is very cruel, arrogant and sadistic, caring for nothing but destruction and misery.

Powers and Abilities[]

Grrkek has super-strength that rivals Megas when he was released from his prison. If hit with certain energy weapons, a cocoon will form around him and he will enter a dormant state but eventually emerge even larger and stronger than before. By placing both hands together, Grrkek can also power a nuclear fusion orb that can, at a minimum, devastate a city-sized area; in his larger, more powerful form, it is capable of destroying an entire planet. Grrkek's size and mass vary based on how much energy he has absorbed. Even at his normal size, his combat skills proved to be difficult for Coop/Megas to handle. His weakness is apparently water: large quantities of it can extinguish his fusion orbs and shrink him into a much smaller, weaker form.


  • While Grrkek has only appeared in a single episode, he does show up briefly in the show's opening, being part of a montage of villains which are fought by Coop.
  • It look like a Colossus or Kaiju monster from Godzilla.
  • Grrkek is a giant alien reptilie, the animals are reptilies (such as Iguana, Komodo dragon, Tyrannosaurus rex, Crocodile, Loch ness monster ,Stegosaur and Thorny Devil).
  • King koopa (Cartoon tv series from the super mario bros super show )
  • His size shifting like king koopa's magical wand Megakinesis From a show The Adventure Of Super Mario Bros 3 or a woman name Giganta she has a Size alteration from the DC Comics.