Megas XLR Wiki
Homeworld Earth
Affiliation Various
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark brown
Skin color
Voice actor Scot "Goat" Rienecker
Status Alive

Between catching a tan on a scrap hill or relaxing in his favourite lawn chair, Goat is the owner and operator of the New Jersey's local dump junkyard in which Coop found MEGAS..


Goat runs the Jersey City Junkyard.  He has known Coop and Jamie all their lives and always gives them advice when needed.  Like Coop and Jamie, Goat loves heavy metal music and rocks out to it.  Like Jamie Goat always tries to hit on girls, especially Kiva.  Like Jamie he doesn't get much sucess (But got lucky with Galaxia of the Ultra Cadets).  

He is the one who sold Megas to Coop for two dollars, as he told Coop that everything in Megas' pile was only two dollars. Goat is usually seen at his junkyard minding his own business, but sometimes gets involved with Coop and his company, while inside Megas.

Goat has had some standout roles on the show.  In "Junk in the Trunk" he wanted to pilot his own robot which he would call Darlene.  He went with Coop, Jamie, and Kiva to find a Photonic Stablizer and helped destract the villian of the episode (Varsin) long enough to let Coop free from his trap.

As well as in Terminate Her there was a running gag for him to get hit by the crowd, Also it seems by his outfit that he is the same Goat from MTV's Downtown


A 30ish man caucasian man, Goat is always seen wearing a blue jumpsuit, trucker hat, and possibly a white tank top or tee shirt underneath the jumpsuit, all without logos. He has a five-o'clock shadow, with a messy mustache and incredibly dirty hair. Goat is also seen on occasions with a red lollipop in his mouth.


Coop - Coop and Goat apparently know each other, prior to the series pilot, the two are usually friendly. Coop thinks that Goat is a little crazy.

Kiva - Kiva and Goat have an interesting relationship, Goat usually tries to flirt with Kiva, while she finds him incredibly repulsive, often trying to never associate herself with Goat. Though she later considers him at friend.

Jaime -Jamie and Goat don't talk much but when they do it's usually about women or they are mocking each other. When they first encountered Varrsin Jaime told Goat that he is even creepier than him, which Goat agreed at first until he snapped and was offended by it.

Tiny - he and Goat seems to get along very well

Galaxia - Goat managed to score out with her.


  • Goat is one of several callbacks to MTV's Downtown made by creator George Krstic that appears in Megas XLR. His character appears in both series, is voiced by Scot Rienecker in both, and is wearing his signature Downtown outfit in Terminate Her.
  • In some episode is is credited "himsefl", a nod to the fact that his actor nickname is Goat.
  • It is very possible to be the same Goat from MTV's Downtown.
  • Brick Joke: In "Thanksgiving Throwdown" he is seen unsuccessfully trying to flirt with a girl by offering to buy her a churro. Later on in the episode we see that she actually he accepted his offer.
  • Most of the time his efforts are to impress women (especially Kiva) fail, however he has been successful a few times. Despite what he claims, he spends most of his time lounging in his junkyard.
  • He did manage to get an old alien robot working...for a few minutes.
  • He's based on his actor, Scot Rienecker.
  • Unlike his appearance in Downtown, he's usually seen with a lollipop in his mouth instead of a cigarette in order to maintain a PG rating.