Megas XLR Wiki
Homeworld Earth
Affiliation Various
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark brown
Voice actor Scot "Goat" Rienecker
Status Alive

Goat is the owner of New Jersey's local dump.


He is the one who sold Megas to Coop for two dollars, as he told Coop that everything in Megas' pile was only two dollars. Goat is usually seen at his junkyard minding his own business, but sometimes gets involved with Coop and his company, while inside Megas.


Goat is always seen wearing a blue jumpsuit, trucker hat, and possibly a white tank top or tee shirt underneath the jumpsuit, all without logos. He has a five-o'clock shadow, with a messy mustache and incredibly dirty hair. Goat is also seen on occasions with a red lollipop in his mouth.


Coop - Coop and Goat apparently know each other, prior to the series pilot, the two are usually friendly. Coop thinks that Goat is a little crazy.

Kiva - Kiva and Goat have an interesting relationship, Goat usually tries to flirt with Kiva, while she finds him incredibly repulsive, often trying to never associate herself with Goat. Though she later considers him at friend.


Goat is one of several callbacks to MTV's Downtown made by creator George Krstic that appears in Megas XLR. His character appears in both series, is voiced by Scot Rienecker in both, and is wearing his signature Downtown outfit in Terminate Her.