The Glorft are war-like cyborg-cephalopod race. They were led by Warmaster Gorrath.

Glorft mech: UMD


In the distant future, the Glorft made war against the humans, which raged over the years including the Battle of the Last Stand.

The Glorft built the Megas as their Avatar prototype mech as the coup de grace to humanity, but it was ultimately captured before it could be finalized by the Earth Coalition. EC Commander Kiva Andru modified Megas into a human-used mech to turn her enemy's ultimate weapon into the tool of its own destruction. In retaliation, the Glorft attacked the Lunar Base and wiped out its defenders in an attempt to recapture the prototype. Realizing the battle had been lost, Kiva attempted to send Megas to the past, where the Battle of the Last Stand against the Glorft occured. Unfortunately, due to the Glorft's firepower, which ultimately destroyed its head and cockpit, Megas was sent too far back into the past.

The Glorft followed Megas' signal in a last ditch attempt to recapture it, with Warmaster Gorrath refusing to heed his men's warnings about the dangers of time travel. Despite their failure to retake Megas from Coop, the Glorft discovered they were unable to return to their proper time, as their ship was not armed with the technology necessary for time travel. Realizing the only way to return home was to recapure the prototype (ignorant of the fact Coop had destroyed the Time Travel system beyond repair), the Glorft swore to take back Megas at all cost.

Although unable to travel through time, the Glorft spent the majority of their downtime in NullSpace, a dimension between dimensions, where they would plot their schemes and arm themselves for war.

Gorrath and the Glorft appeared in ten episodes, including the finale when they assisted Coop to defeat Evil Coop and his army.

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Glorft Commander


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