Megas Ultra-Cadet Galaxia

Galaxia is a humanoid female and member of a group called the Ultra-Cadets, who defend there planet and people from evil.


Galaxia went to Earth to find Coop, but instead she mistook Coop for Jamie. She and the others needed Coop's assistance in fighting the Kurdock, so Jamie fooled her into taking him instead. Galaxia agreed that she and the other cadets would not be of much help to Jamie, so they agreed to let him fight Kurdock alone. After Jamie appears to defeat Kurdock, Galaxia and the other cadets hold a celebration on Jamie's honor. Just then Coop and Kiva arrived looking for Jamie. Not aware of what is going on, Galaxia attempted to defend Jamie from what she assumed was a threat. Once the truth was revealed that Jamie was an impostor. Galaxia, along with the others angrily insisted that Coop and the others get him off their planet. Though while this was going on, Goat apparently caught her eye. Just before he left she gave him her phone number. In the end, the Ultra Cadets were attacked by the Kurdock, she apparently survived and later went with Goat to see a movie.


Galaxia's fuku consists of a white leotard with a purple collar that has three stripes on it, light yellow shoulder pads, and a purple skirt, along with a purple bow on the chest and at the back. She also wore a pair of purple knee-high boots with a white border at the triangular top


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