Evil Kiva

Piloting her mech.

Evil Kiva is Alternate Coop's second in command.


Her mech

Evil Kiva's mech

This version of Kiva was very much like her prime dimension counterpart until she and Coop turned to a life of planetary conquest and destruction. She was in a relationship with Jamie, but left him when she followed Coop after he turned evil, hoping to free the future from the Glorft, but she lost sight of her goals as well as her humanity. She became evil as well, and was converted into a cyborg to better serve Evil Coop, whose orders she follows to the letter as second-in-command of his army of mechs. Evil Kiva pilots a mech similar to her EC mech from her own time, but was painted Black and White. She and Evil Coop were later cast into the space between dimensions when Coop and Alternate Jamie destroyed the Dimensional Gate, trapping them both in the Lurp Dimension (similar to Grrkek's imprisonment in the Lurps game cartridge).


Evil Kiva is now even more haughty and proud than she was when she first met Coop and Jamie. Losing sight of her goals to return home to the future, she now only takes joy in planetary and inter-dimensional conquest and destruction, and the domination of her and Evil Coop's enemies. Evil Kiva deems Megas and the rebels' Glorft mechs to be outdated pieces of junk, and sees her and Evil Coop's mechs to be superior in every way.

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