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Evil Coop's Army are an army of mech drones under the command of Evil Coop and his right hand woman Evil Kiva on Alternate Earth.


They are composed of giant white drone mechs that all have the number 13 printed on their left chest and each of them are holding a laser rifle that fires powerful red beams in battle, and are capable of rocket booster flight from their jetback packs and feet.

When Coop accidentally activated a beacon signal of the Glorft battleship Karajor remains that serves as the home of Alternate Jamie and his resistance forces, it drew attention of Evil Coop's Army and they invaded the base to destroy everything. Despite the efforts of Alternate Jamie and his forces piloting human-modified Glorft mechs, Evil Coop's Army forced them to retreat and completely destroyed the base.

They surrounded Coop, Alternate Jamie and Gorrath before Evil Coop and Evil Kira appear. They leave for their leader's fortress after Evil Coop seemingly destroyed the three with his rocket punch attack of his war-mech. At the fortress, Evil Coop's Army are in troop formation in front of the dimensional gate, ready to enter the prime universe dimension and destroy it under their leaders' orders.

They confront Coop, Alternate Jamie and Gorrath who directly assaulted the fortress and disabled the dimensional gate, nearly overwhelming them and forced them to retreat with Megas destroyed by Evil Coop. When the dimensional gate is fully repaired few hours later, Evil Coop ordered his forces to advance and enter the prime universe.

After their arrival, Evil Coop orders his troops to destroy everything but is interrupted by Coop who pilots his counterpart's abandoned Megas which he claimed for his own. When the Glorft army rally to Coop's side by Gorrath's direct order to the Glorft Commander, Evil Coop is very pleased and expresses his intention to destroy them all over again.

Evil Coop leads the charge with his army following suit and they clash against the Glorft mechs in a destructive melee and gunfire combat. They later surrounded Coop but ends up completely decimated with no survivors left, and the loss of all drones forced Evil Coop and Evil Kiva to retreat and regroup, which is what Coop was expecting and tells Alternate Jamie to destroy the dimensional gate and trap the two in between dimensions.


  • The white drone mechs' design are a parody of Zaku from the Gundam franchise.
  • It is possible that the Evil Coop's Army are reverse engineered from the two Earth Coalition Drones that accompanied Kiva to the past before they got easily defeated by Megas from Episode 1.