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Megas XLR
Season 2, Episode 22
Robotic deer.png
Air date December 18th 2004
Written by Zeke Kamm and Alain Matz
Directed by Sue Perrotto, Kelsey Mann
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Terminate Her
Ice Ice Megas
Notable Guests Peter Cullen,

Cam Clarke

Plot Summary[]

After Coop's attempt to upgrade a sound system, Coop, Jamie and Kiva accidentally teleport themselves to a distant planet full of brainwashed robots who act like nearly-mindless gardeners and workers, unaware even of their most basic attributes. Upon asking for directions, Coop makes one robot (Number 32) remember who he is, and both are immediately attacked by guard robots, who scramble Megas's systems.

After wiping Number 32's memory, the head of Prisoner Planet called Klaar the Prison warden alien who was trying to brainwashed the robots, tries to do the same to Megas (mistaking him for Prisoner 12), but his brainwasher device only works on sentient robots (obviously, Megas doesn’t count, as it lacks AI, much to Coop's amusement). Upon discovering Coop and friends, Klaar sends Megas into a metal grinder, but at the last second Kiva reroutes enough power from the Fusion Drive for Coop to destroy the grinder with Megas's chainsaw arm.

After Coop defeats the rest of the guard robots, Klaar activates his mind-control antenna, which causes the prisoner robots to attack Megas. Coop tries to put Klaar out of business for good without unnecessarily destroying the prisoners, but many of them take blows on themselves suicidally trying to protect the machine. Coop in the end manages to destroy the mind control device, freeing the robots.

Using directions obtained from Prisoner 32, he leaves the planet. As the group leaves, Jamie notices the planet was actually a prison to the worst robots in the universe, who start destroying the planet and each other after they leave. 32 tells Quarrel he's now free to continue his reign of terror, and to "thank" his liberator, he starts with Earth.

In the end credits, as Bot #32 prepares to battle Megas, his red eyes suddenly revert to mind-control blue as he frolics through the city, suggesting Klaar managed to repair the brainwashing antenna.


  • The plot is basically a Parody of The Prisoner with A Title referencing A Clockwork Orange.
  • The meaning on the number 12 on Megas is found. It's it's racing number.


  • Hurt the Good Guys -I Mean Don't Hurt the Good Guys
  • Cruise Control, Cruise Out-of-Control, Cruisin' USA, Kelly Crews


  • Blue PS2 Controller
  • Atari 2600 Joystick


  • Error: Intelligence Undetected (upon using the reprogramming sequence on Megas)