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Season 1, Episode 8
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Plot Summary[]

While Coop works on the car, Jamie gets bored, but then Jamie sees a girl who Coop calls out to since Jamie is afraid to talk to her. She tells Jamie that she likes his car, mistakenly thinking that it belongs to him. In order to impress the girl, Jamie borrows Coop's car to take her for a ride and promises to be back soon. Unfortunately, Warmaster Gorrath arrives piloting a deadly replica of Megas who's destroying Jersey searching for Megas. Kiva and Coop must stop him, so Coop must use his recently installed secondary command bridge to control Megas. However, this method is much more difficult, because the controls consist of a controller with one knob and a trackball (which is like the bottom side of a computer mouse). To make things worse, Jamie accidentally activates the car's connection to Megas which overrides Coop's secondary command bridge. So, Jamie is now in control of Megas, but has no idea.


  • At about 16:22 in the episode, when MEGAS punches the Glorft mech, the car can be seen on MEGAS's head, even though Jamie and the car had not yet joined with the body.
  • Megas having a silver double is reminiscent of Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla.
    • In the credits of the episode you can see Megas going to the sea, just like Godzilla did at the end of the movie, also you can see goat waving goodbye to Megas just like the kid in the end of the movie.