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Duchess is a member of a group of young superheroes called the S-Force from the planet Sarus. She's the voiced by Jennifer Hale.


Duchess, along with the rest of the S-Force, protects the innocent of the galaxies from evil. She along with the rest of her teammates first suspected Coop to be bad, she later learned that he wasn't evil, just a little dull-witted and clumsy. Despite Coop defeating her and her friends, they became good friends. Duchess pilots the Pink Panther Zorp, which resembles a large pink cat, which becomes the right arm of S-Force's combined robot.

A flashback in "S-Force S.O.S.", due to her interactions with Coop, Duchess learned how to make loud belches, thanks to training with soda and Rock Pops.


Like all of S-Force, Duchess is virtuous to a fault. She comes across as a modest and polite young woman, chiding Jax for his rude language and later is mortified when Coop shows her how to belch using Rock Pops and soda. However much like the rest of S-Force, she eventually develops a love of video games, fast food, and other bad habits from Coop; Including being so careless as to use her Zorp indoors to crash into a control panel for the sake of doing something 'cool.'

If there's anything Duchess shows any disdain toward, its Jamie. She finds his not-so-subtle attempts to flirt with her repulsive and is quite vocal with her very negative opinion of him.


Duchess is wearing pink panther suit blue hair and lips



  • Duchess is a parody of Princess, a variation of Jun from Battle of the Planets (the first English adaptation of Gatchaman).
  • Duchess is a cat from Walt Disney Movies Animated Film, The Aristocats .