Darlene is a battle robot created by Goat with parts of other robots from a junkyard planet.


One day Goat begin to imagine how it would be if he had a giant robot of his own. While Coop and Megas were fighting Varsin, he appeared to help in the battle with his own robot he created with old parts and from other robots. He called his creation Darlene. Unfortunately Goat and Darlene couldn't land a punch on the enemy robot as the robot was made from parts of other older robots and Goat had no experince in piloting: Darlene's left arm disconnects from the body shortly after it plummets into mountain made of trash. Darlene's head then disconnects from the robot body. Luckily goat is saved from death. Unfortunately the planet explodes and the wreckage of Darlene is destroyed, Goat regrets this for a time but gets over the loss quickly.

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