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I plan to extract the information from your brain. They say the process is quite painless but I do hope they're wrong.

- Darklos is fighting Kiva Andru

Char Darklos.jpg

Darklos is a space alien bounty hunter chick who was wanted in several nebulas for kidnapping and information trafficking. she is the voiced by Tia Carrere.


Darklos was ordered to find and capture Kiva Andru so her clients could extract information from her brain. Coop defeated her when the beasts she controlled broke free of her control and took her to prison on their homeworld.


Darko is cruel, ruthless ,cunning arrogant and sadistic

Powers & Abilities[]

Combat skills, Summoning the giant beasts and Alien Beast Control (With a Mind Control Collar She Was Controlling The Beast).


Gun, Staff and Grenades (As A Space Alien Bounty Hunter).