Megas XLR
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date August 7, 2004
Written by Jack Monaco
Directed by Chris Prynoski
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Junk in the Trunk
Coop D'Etat

Plot SummaryEdit

The intergalactic bounty hunter chic Darklos arrives and attacks the gang. They hop into Megas and she summons a monster that she controls to battle Megas, but she is no match for Coop and Megas. The gang celebrates victory by going to the SpeediMart for snacks, but Coop parks in front of a fire hydrant in a tow away zone and Megas gets towed and impounded. Coop needs to get it back in order to save Kiva, who is revealed to be the the true target of the bounty hunter. Unfortunately, at the impound lot, it is discovered that Coop's license has expired, so now he has to pass the driving test to get a new one at the DMV. As Kiva battles with the evil bounty hunter, Coop waits and waits and waits at the DMV.

Meanwhile, the bounty hunter chic reveals that she needs to capture Kiva so that she can extract information about the future from her brain so that she can sell the information. Eventually, Coop and Jamie take their written test and then the driving test. During the driving test Coop goofs off and hits cones and wooden dummies. He obviously has driving skills, but chooses to violate the rules and doesn't know the rules of the road (such as during the written test he had to ask Jamie what "right of way" is). Somehow he passes the test and hurriedly gets Megas and goes to save Kiva. The space bounty hunter chic summons more giant monsters to battle Megas. Coop seems to be winning when suddenly he is dogpiled by the monsters. He manages to reach up and rip the color off the lead monster which apparently was an electronic control device that the bounty hunter chic was using to control him. He is actually an intelligent and articulate monster. He and his friends take the bounty hunter chic back to their planet to be tried for her crimes of kidnapping and information trafficing. In the credits she is shown to be picking up trash while Coop, Jamie, and the giant monster throw wads of paper for her to pick up.





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