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Well it seems this new guardian is nothing of the sort. He's done more damage than we have! Hahaha!



The Ceruleans are a race of selfish and greedy alien robots. They are the voiced by Jeff Bennett & Dorian Harewood.


Because the Ceruleans require water for their coolant systems, they drained their planet's supply of water and became focused on the ice moon nearby.

However they were opposed by the Guardian of Cryoks who was the leader of the invasion force but turned against his own race to protect the Cryoks and kept them safe until he died by Coop's hands in a fight he mistook him for an invader.

Their leader is Drallag. He was tricked by Coop into accidentally destroying his home planet while attempting to destroy him with his flagship's cutter laser. His ship was subsequently destroyed when an asteroid remain of the Cerulean homeworld hit his ship, all hands lost.

Tank Trooper


  • The Ceuleans transform into vehicle mode, much like Megatron and the Decepticons from the series Transformers.
  • Most of them are based on Shockwave