Captain Jean-Michel Warlock

Captain Warlock on his ship, the Saving Grace.

Captain Jean-Michel Warlock is a space pirate and captain of the pirate battleship Saving Grace. He has brunette hair and speaks with an English accent.


Warlock fell in love with Kiva the moment she, Coop and Jamie came aboard his ship. He tricked her by promising that he would give her a time drive controller and attempted to trap her by and threatening her with ending the lives of Coop and Jamie... unless she became his queen. Despite this, he was defeated when Coop threw the car horn into the Saving Grace, which attracted the Florgnots into it and consequently making them attack the battleship from within. He is last seen vowing to return to obtain Kiva as his queen, his ship collapsing and falling into the orbit of the Florgnot planet.


Warlock has a fetish for red hair (regardless of gender, as seen by his collection of numerous red-headed portraits of his lovers, mostly female however one of the portraits depicts a male redhead, possibly a close friend). He also carries an air of suaveness and a cool demeanor, but it only serves to hide his true intentions.


  • His name and appearance suggest he is a parody of Captain Harlock, a space pirate created by Leiji Matsumoto.
  • The name "Warlock" means oath-breaker. As well as a man who practices witchcraft, similar to a sorcerer and wizard.
  • Captain Warlock is one of many villains in cartoons, live-action TV and movies to use the common trope of choosing female protagonists as (usually unwilling) queens in their world domination schemes.
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