Megas XLR
Season 1, Episode 7
Intergalactic Criminal Prison
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Plot SummaryEdit

Coop finds a video game cartridge at a garage sale, which turns out to be an ancient containment device for alien criminals. Unfortunately, Coop finds this out after accidentally releasing one of the prisoners, the dreaded Grrkek the Planet Killer. To make matters worse, Coop and Jamie accidentally release the rest of the prisoners while trying to stop Grrkek's planet-destroying rampage and capture him.


The alien captioning at the opening screen of the containment device reads, "HAVE YOU PLAYED ATARI TODAY"

One of the monsters is based off of Gamera, a giant monster from Japanese movies.

Among the game consoles Coop attempts to play the "video game" on are a PlayStation 2, a Nintendo GameCube, a Nintendo Entertainment System, and a Sega Genesis, before finally loading the intergalactic prison cartridge on an 8-track player of all things. The prison itself vaguely resembles an Atari 2600 cartridge.




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