• 3jamsk

    My time here.

    September 5, 2016 by 3jamsk

    Hello, I'm new to this wiki and huge fan of butt kicking robot fights. Megas XLR was one of cartoon networks most greatest shows that graced our screens by it's humor, stoic personality, or just it's battles, not to mention the opening theme song.

    Well enough of that sappyness. Lol. I really love all kinds of cartoons; as long as the story is good and charaters have something enjoyable to grow with. I do want to talk about something-important for any viewer on wiki. And it's it's treatment of neglect or acknowledgement. Don't worry it's not all wiki's the ones I'm talking about are cartoon ones that were underated to be shown lots of fun I'm afraid Megas needs some love too.

    Each and every wiki has a style based on the charater it follows noma…

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