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That would me. And I don't think you're in a position to demand anything.

- Alternate Jamie

Alternate Jamie is the leader of the resistance force of an alternate version of Earth in another dimension.

He is voiced by Steve Blum who played Jamie , Cryok , Bot 47 & the Gloft robot in the series.


This version of Jamie is the hero of his Earth who fights against Evil Coop and his army of robots. He apparently had a romantic relationship with his Kiva until she left with Coop and became evil.

This version of Jamie is practically the polar opposite of his prime universe counterpart, being a very brave and fit leader. He modified the Glorft's mechs into a form that he and his resistance fighters can control.

Alternate Jamie is a love scorn, battle-hardened man with a knee brace and a scar across his left cheek.

When Coop and Gorrath arrived on this alternate dimension and got captured, Alternate Jamie mistakes Coop to be the Evil Coop and Gorrath to have survived defeat by Evil Coop's hand before leaving them to rot on the cells of the derelict Glorft battleship. Catching the two activating the red pillar beacon, Alternate Jamie believes they did it on purpose to draw in their enemies to their location and he was about to execute the two.

After an army of white mechs attack, Alternate Jamie ordered his resistance fighters to man their Glorft mechs and defend the base. However, it was a futile effort and the resistance were forced to retreat by Alternate Jamie's order. However, Alternate Jamie in his Glorft mech was caught by the falling pillar and was saved by Coop much to his annoyance.

Alternate Jamie reveals to Coop and Gorrath that he is the good guy in this dimension, further validating him with the appearance of Evil Kiva and Evil Coop. He rebukes Evil Coop's lust for more destruction and survived Evil Coop's rocket punch attack that destroyed what's left of the collapsing Glorft battleship, the Karajor.

When Coop asked if he is okay, Alternate Jamie bitterly summarizes that his army is decimated, his stronghold is crushed and now there are two Coops on a rampage before answering in a sarcastic manner that he is doing great. Having no choice but to team up with the prime universe Coop and Gorrath, Alternate Jamie informs them that Evil Coop has a dimensional gate at his fortress and is not amused at Coop liking the idea of having a fortress too.

Alternate Jamie follows Coop and Gorrath to directly attack Evil Coop's Fortress and disable the dimensional gate, confronting their enemies and battled them. However they are still outnumbered as Alternate Jamie warns Coop to get out but was ignored. When Megas was heavily damaged and about to explode, Alternate Jamie warns Coop that he's redlining and must eject right now.

Standing next to Coop and Gorrath in front of the destroyed head car of Megas, Alternate Jamie explains about the past of Evil Coop and his fall from grace into the destruction-obsessed warlord including Evil Kiva's loss of her sight of her goal and humanity. He is surprised to realize that Evil Coop did indeed abandoned his Megas and discovered it at the garage that they've located.

However, Alternate Jamie stated that it won't be enough and believes Evil Coop and his forces are on their way to Coop's dimension. Following Coop's plan, Alternate Jamie stayed behind to watch over the dimensional portal until Coop gives him the signal to attack. Seeing Evil Coop and Evil Kiva about to enter back to the alternate reality, Alternate Jamie taunts the two if they can conquer worlds when they're stuck between dimensions before opening fire with his Glorft mech's minigun arm and trapped the two for eternity, freeing the Alternate Earth from Evil Coop's tyranny.


Alternate Jamie pilots his own modified Glorft mech that is colored black with red stripes on the shoulders compared to the rest of his resistance members' standard green Glorft mechs that were also modified too as well, and it has an arm mini-gun and other armaments that it possessed for battle.

His mech is stronger than it looked as it was able to survive Evil Coop's mech rocket punch attack that completely wiped out the remains of Karajor easily and tank a hit from Evil Kiva's mech arm blaster, and hold on its own against Evil Coop's forces when participating in an assault with Coop and Gorrath.

Outside of it, he wields a handgun.


  • Steven Jay Blum, Jamie's voice actor, uses for his alternate counterpart the same signature deep voice heard in such memorable characters as FFVII's Vincent Valentine, Cowboy Bebop's Spike Spiegel, and TOM from Toonami, the programming block that aired Megas XLR for its full original run on Cartoon Network.