Megas XLR
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date May 15, 2004
Written by Jack Monaco
Directed by Chris Prynoski
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Plot SummaryEdit

On a really hot day in New jersey, Coop is training in the junkyard. To test the spaceflight engines, Coop flies into outer space, and crashes into a dumping ship carrying the R.E.G.I.S. Coop is driving Megas in a traffic jam. The trio discuss the Mega Slush, and Kiva reveals that humans ingest "ration packets of electrolytic rehydrating fluid" in her time. Regis lands on earth, and starts blowing stuff up. Back in Megas, Coop and Jamie are digging up change from the seats, Kiva is annoyed when Jamie asks if Megas has a built in calculator. R.E.G.I.S is hit by a truck, and knocked down for the first time.

Kiva discovers a signal from the crab headed aliens who were piloting the ship. Coop is anticipating his slushie, when R.E.G.I.S. destroys the first Megaslush machine. Coop uses Megas to smash R.E.G.I.S, but R.E.G.I.S regrows itself, and Coop smashes R.E.G.I.S again. Kiva scans R.E.G.I.S. R.E.G.I.S gets back up again, absorbing a nearby playground, by the time our heroes are in Megas, R.E.G.I.S absorbed large constructicon machines, and in the process of smashing him this time, he destroys the Megaslush corp. building. After knocking R.E.G.I.S out again, Coop's quest for a megaslush is ruined again by R.E.G.I.S. And then R.E.G.I.S is now much larger than Megas, but Coop, Kiva, and Jamie escape from R.E.G.I.S's chest, then many R.E.G.I.S units rise up. Coop tries to attack, but Megas' core temp is too high, and it shuts down. Megas starts expelling smoke, when Kiva realizes that R.E.G.I.S is solar power. Coop decides to force Megas to continue running, simply to smoke out the R.E.G.I.S's

The plan succeeds, leaving Jersey city in ruin (yes that happens a lot in this show) and Coop finally gets his slushie.

During the credits, a young boy finds a piece of R.E.G.I.S and keeps it as a souvenir.


When Kiva picks up the transmission warning about REGIS, Coop and Jamie are sitting in Megas with her, despite they are actually in the store getting Megaslushes.

This could be a reference to the Animatrix, where in Operation Dark Storm humanity strikes back against the AIs by cutting them off from the sun.



Foreshadowing: On June 27th 2011 Dunkin' Donuts launched its "collectable" First Avenger Tri-Cup in correlation with the release of the Captain America movie. The Tri-Cup was excessively large and had three chambers to house separate flavors of their frozen Coolatta beverage much akin to the Tri-Goblet that first appeared in this episode.


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